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Fall's Here, Look at Southern Living's Suggestions for Small Town Getaways


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Ste. Genevieve, Missouri


Fall is here! The chill is in the air and the leaves are turning.  It's a wonderful time of year for most of us in the South because we're granted our first reprieve from the heat in 6+ months.  New seasons bring new activities (bonfires, visits to wineries, etc) and there a number of places you can visit for extended weekends.  We were looking at our feed from Southern Living and came across 18 Small Town vacation cities that are sure to provide rest and relaxation.  Take a look at the list and plan your next trip, because everyone needs a chance to slow down, get away, and reboot for some R&R...we hope you enjoy!


Visit at for additional details and summaries.  Click around and learn more about a potential getaway spot! 

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